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Garrit Fleischmann (Dipl. Chem.)
Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie

Biozentrum N230
Marie-Curie-Str. 9
60439 Frankfurt

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Don't Panic

Nothing turns a perfectly normal and healthy individual in a political or military leader better than irreversible brain damage.
Douglas Adams

Here a few things which can make me enthusiastic:

* Already before the odor of organuic solvents drove me away from organic chemisty, my fascination for the processes of life arose, hasn't left me since and drove me to making proteins the topic of my diploma and phd.

Das Internet
* Apart from the possibility to communicate with people all over the world via IRC (Internet Relay Chat), is it not hard to realize that I got hooked to the Internet, first only surfing the WWW, but now mostly designing my own site.
Over the time I also succeeded in arising the interest for the new medium in my collegues and even in some professors, not the least through my initiative in creating the WWW pages for the Biocenter.

"Tango argentino"
* My newest addiction is the argentinian Tango. In the beginning it was only the music which got me under it's spell, but since 1994 I find myself on most of the Milongas (Tango dancing evenings) in the region.
In combination of my hobbies, I created the Tango home page with articles and discussions about tango, information where to learn and dance tango, CD-hints, and of cause with links to the (also in the internet) growing international groups of Tango fans.

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