Seminar: Aktuelle Themen der Bioinformatik

Dirk Metzler, Sommersemester 2005
Mittwoch von 8:00-10:00, Seminarraum 307
Donnerstag von 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr, Seminarraum 11
Zuordnung: ThBi, PTBi

18.05.2005 Sebastian Bremm Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Sample size determination in microarray experiments for class comparison and prognostic classificationBiostatistics 6(1) S.27-38; Dobbin, Kevin,Simon, Richard; 2005. PDF
How many samples are needed to build a classifier: a general sequential approachBioinformatics 21(1) S.63-70; Carroll, Raymond J.,Dougherty, Edward R.,Fu, Wenjiang J.,Mallick, Bani; 2005. PDF
Power and sample size for DNA microarray studiesStatistics in medicine 21(23) S.3543-3570; Lee, Mei-Ling Ting,Whitmore, G. A.; 2002. PDF
19.05.2005 Martina Fröhlich Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Predicting RNA secondary structures with arbitrary pseudoknots by maximizing the number of stacking pairsJournal of computational biology 10(6) S.981-995; Ieong, Samuel,Kao, Ming-Yang,Lam, Tak-Wah,Sung, Wing-Kin,Yiu, Siu-Ming; 2003. PDF
25.05.2005 Markus Hartenfeller Vortrag Ausarbeitung
The language of RNA: a formal grammar that include pseudoknotsBioinformatics 16(4) S.334-340; Eddy, Sean R.,Rivas, Elena; 2000. PDF
Design, implementation and evaluation of a practical pseudoknot folding algorithm based on thermodynamicsBMC Bioinformatics 5(104) Giegerich, Robert,Reeder, Jens; 2004. PDF
A dynamic programming algorithm for RNA structure prediction including pseudoknotsJournal of molecular biology 285S.2053-2068; Eddy, Sean R.,Rivas, Elena; 1999. PDF
26.05.2005 Feiertag
01.06.2005 Matthias Wirth Vortrag Ausarbeitung
A probabilistic model for the evolution of RNA structureBMC Bioinformatics 5(166) Holmes, Ian; 2004. PDF
RNA secondary structure prediction with simple pseudoknotsProceedings of the second conference on asia-pacific bioinformatics 29S.239 - 246; Deogun, Jitender S.,Donis, Ruben,Komina, Olga,Ma, Fangrui; 2004. PDF
02.06.2005 Joanna Wisniewska Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Co-transcriptional folding is encoded within RNA genesBMC Molecular Biology 5(10) Meyer, Irmtraud M.,Miklos, Istvan; 2004. PDF
Moments of boltzmann distribution for RNA secondary structuresBulletin of Mathematical Biology Meyer, Irmtraud M.,Miklos, Istvan,Nagy, Borbala; 2005. PDF
08.06.2005 Natalie Jäger Vortrag Ausarbeitung
A graph theoretical approach to predict common RNA secondary sructure motifs including pseudoknots in unaligned sequencesBioinformatics 20(10) S.1591-1602; Ji, Yongmei,Stormo, Gary D.,Xu, Xing; 2004. PDF
An iterated loop matching approach to the prediction of RNA secondary structures with pseudoknotsBioinformatics 20(1) S.58-66; Ruan, Jianhua,Stormo, Gary D.,Zhang, Weixiong; 2004. PDF
Stochastic modeling of RNA pseudoknotted structures: a grammatical approachBioinformatics 19(1) S.i66-i73; Cai, Liming,Malmberg, Russell L.,Wu, Yunzhou; 2003. PDF
09.06.2005 Volker Hähnke Vortrag Ausarbeitung
A statistical sampling algorithm for RNA secondary structure predictionNucleic Acids Research 31(24) S.7280-7301; Ding, Ye,Lawrence, Charles E.; 2003. PDF
Noncoding RNA gene detection using comparative sequence analysisBMC Bioinformatics 2(8) Eddy, Sean R.,Rivas, Elena; 2001. PDF
15.06.2005 Fällt aus!
Ancestral inference on gene trees under selectionTheoretical Population Biology 66(3) S.219-232; Coop, Graham,Griffiths, Robert C.; 2004. PDF
16.06.2005 Lisha Naduvilezhath Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Likelihood-based tests of topologies in phylogeneticsSystematic Biology 49(4) S.652-670; Anderson, Jon P.,Goldman, Nick,Rodrigo, Allen G.; 2000. PDF
22.06.2005 Susanne Franssen Vortrag Ausarbeitung
The splits in the neighbourhood of a treeAnnals of Combinatorics 8(1) S.1-11; Bryant, David; 2004. PDF
A classification of consensus methods for phylogeniesSeries in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science 61S.163-184; Bryant, David; 2003. PDF
23.06.2005 Moritz Krog
A genetical theory of species selectionJournal of theoretical Biology 177(3) S.237-245; Rice, Sean H.; 1995. PDF
Directional selection and the site-frequency spectrumGenetics 159(4) S.1779-1788; Bustamante, Carlos D.,Hartl, Daniel L.,Sawyer, Stanley,Wakeley, John; 2001. PDF
29.06.2005 Bianca Büttner Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Gene tree reconstruction and orthology analysis based on an integrated model for duplications and sequence evolutionProceedings of the eighth annual international conference on Computational molecular biology S.326-335; Arvestad, Lars,Berglund, Ann-Charlotte,Lagergren, Jens,Sennblad, Bengt; 2004. PDF
Bayesian gene/species tree reconciliation and orthology analysis using MCMCBioinformatics 19(1) S.i7-i15; Arvestad, Lars,Berglund, Ann-Charlotte,Lagergren, Jens,Sennblad, Bengt; 2003. PDF
30.06.2005 Alexander Klenner Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Bayesian estimation of genomic distanceGenetics 166(1) S.621-629; Durrett, Richard,Nielsen, Rasmus,York, Thomas L.; 2004. PDF
Bayesian estimation of the number of inversions in the history of two chromosomesJournal of computational biology 9(6) S.805-818; Durrett, Richard,Nielsen, Rasmus,York, Thomas L.; 2002. PDF
Subfunctionalization: How often does it occur? How long does it take?Theoretical Population Biology 66(2) S.93-100; Durrett, Richard,Ward, Rachel; 2004. PDF
06.07.2005 Ceyhun Tamer Vortrag Ausarbeitung
Multiple genome rearrangementProceedings of the second annual international conference on computational molecular biology S.243 - 247; Blanchette, Mathieu,Sankoff, David; 1998. PDF
Multiple genome rearrangement: a general approach via the evolutionary genome graphBioinformatics 18(1) S.303-311; Goldfarb, Lev,Korkin, Dmitry; 2002. PDF

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