Windows version of Antiword 0.37 (21 Oct 2005)

Note: Locale support is broken for Cygwin, cf. A known workaround is to use Xlocale.h instead of locale.h, but this unfortunately doesn't work for the standalone version as a call to setlocale() will hang.
Therefore, if you need locale support, either rebuild Antiword using Cygwin--or, better yet, send me a working patch...

Here you find a Windows version of Antiword written by Adri van Os.

Please also note that you do not need the forementioned environment in order to run the provided binary as it uses "Windows-native" libraries only.
If you encounter any platform-dependent problems with this version, please let me know. I will then try to fix them as soon as possible.

And just in case I goofed up something, you'll always find older revisions (starting with 0.34) in the subdirectory outdated/.

[EMail]  Markus Ueberall, <>
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