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Level-Editor Usage:

First of all you should visit the online help, it will show you the following shortcuts:


F1 Online help

Will show you a short version of this section

ENTER Select pexel

This will show the pexel-screen to you. You can then select your pexel (8x8 Graphic-Object) by pressing ENTER again.

SPACE Place pexel

Draws the selected pexel at your current coordinats.

PAGEUP Scrolls level 1 pexel right
PAGEDOWN Scrolls level 1 pexel left
NUMPAD+ Scrolls level 1 screen right
NUMPAD- Scrolls level 1 screen left
F8 Save level in final format

This saves your level in a format that features smaller size. Levels saved with this option can not be loaded into the editor again. Using this feature is only necessary when you finished your work and want to put it into the next release, so it is only for internal use (please do NOT mail me levels in this format!)

F9 Load level

This loads levels of versions 1.0 and above. It will NOT load levels saved with F8!

F10 Save level

This feature saves your level in an uncompressed format (10129 bytes). You normally should use this option when saving.

U Undo last pexel

A simple UNDO function that erases your last pexel-action. It does NOT work on macros.

P Play level

Instantly starts your levels from the current location (it will not rescroll to the beginning). Usefull when editing complicated jump'n run situations.

F2 Erase sprites from level

will erase ALL levels in your current level. Unfortunately there is no way of erasing standalone sprites. *sorry*

F3 Select level palette

Giant Sisters features 3 different level-palettes belonging to:

1) skylevels
2) cave-levels
3) title-screen

INS Insert row into level

will insert a complete row (25 horizontal pexels). All pexel behind the cursor will be scrolled one pexel to the right. The last row of the level will be erased. This feature is usefull if you find out that your design does not exactly fit where you wanted it to be, so can add some more space. Note: There is no way of deleting a row (if you really need it I'll add it).

SHIFT+[1..6] Place monster #1

Uses your current coordinats to find a suitable location for your monster. If your monster is not able to fly the editor will take the nearest logical ground-position. All monsters will go to the left at the beginning and will be moved everytime. Monsters do not fall from higher locations (as in the original game).