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Will there be further releases?
There will be more releases from us for sure, but at this time I can't tell what it will be.
The game runs unsatisfyingly fast or slow
Giana Worlds requires a 85hz display. Some device driver do not feature setting up the refresh rate, or they simply skip syncing to the refresh rate. Here is what you can do:

- update to the latest drivers (if you have a nvidia card, the nvidia reference drivers are a great choice)
- Deselect any options of your gfx-driver like "Ignore vsync"

Just to make clear, this is not a bug, the way giana worlds works guarantees you full smooth scrolling!

Sometimes giana gets stuck near a wall?
All versions contain a bug like this. If this is the case simply press DEL to restart the level (sorry for the inconvenience).
Can I have the source-code?
You can have the source code of the old DOS version:

Gi13src.ZIP (282 kbyte)

Please don't ask for the windows version, but I guess i will release it sometime.