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Space War 2000

Space War 2000 is based on the old PC based CGA shooter called SWC. It is comparible to Subspace but it is mainly designed to run in local area networks.


- 32 Player LAN Support
- Beautiful rendered graphics by Harald Prinzhorn
- Full scene smooth scrolling even in 800x600 on a P200
- Videosequences during gameplay (see blow)
- Support for various resolutions
- 16 channel 44.1khz music output
- Runs in DOS (but works well in a DOS-box)
- Requires P133+

Swc-Shot1.jpg (14423 Byte)
*ingame shot taken at 320x200

- Videos designed by Harald Prinzhorn

Swc-Shot2.jpg (11125 Byte)The player just killed an important enemy.

Videosequences will show up to continue the story in single- player mode or to demonstrate important events during multiplayer mode.

Swc-Shot3.jpg (5681 Byte)All videosequences feature DOLBY SURROUND for maximum feelings.
DOWNLOAD not yet possible (still in early alpha-testing). If you still want to try it out mail us.

Added 23-Feb-2001:
Since DOS is dead and we didn't work for years on this game we canceled the project. If you still want to try out the game (videos are not included), click here:

SWC2000.ZIP (1.6MB)

If you like it drop me an email ;)